About Us


A Christ-centered church in which the presence and the love of God is always manifested; a place of faith, restoration and deliverance. 


To expand the gospel of Grace in a healthy, open and disciplined way. To prepare people for the freedom that exists in Christ Jesus, without worries. To develop the Overcomer that is in each of us, taking the authority delegated to us by Jesus Christ and using it over everything that opposes the purpose of God in every aspect of our lives. Be a channel of help to restore families, relationships, emotions and finances of everyone who desires and decides to look only at Him who has never lost a battle, Jesus of Nazareth!!!!


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Unity
  • Love 
  • Cooperation

Meet Our Team

Marisol Mckay
  • Head pastor
Samuel Fondeur
  • Young Adult leader


  • One Eternal God. 
  • The Trinity of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Salvation by grace, not by works.
  • The Bible being inspired by the Holy Spirit; it is alive, effective and it will leads us to a life of victory as we apply its teachings daly.
  • Jesus Christ, the only and personal savior, who died and in three days rose again so that we may have eternal life and forgiveness of sin.
  • Faith and Confession of Jesus Christ as our personla savior is the only path to salvation and eternal life.
  • The Holy Spirit, His power and His gifts.